5 Basic Bookkeeping Mistakes No Business Owner Can Afford To Make


Have you thought about hiring bookkeepers Melbourne? For most people they do not think about bookkeeping when they are establishing their business. It’s a strange concept really as you honestly would think people would take bookkeeping very seriously and yet, so many forget that it’s a needed area within the business. The following are just five simple and very basic bookkeeping mistakes that no business owner can really afford to make today.

Not Hiring a Professional Bookkeeper

Let’s be honest, a lot of business owners think they can easily handle bookkeeping with ease as it doesn’t look as difficult. However, while it might seem like a good …

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We can’t all be ideal bookkeepers. Does the idea of finances and numbers scare you or make you want to run away? Don’t. These easy tips will have you in financial good habits before you know it.

Are you keeping it all in your head?

It’s a syndrome that plagues many small business. Keeping it all in your head can, of course, be a fairly effective method- you know who you need to pay, why and when, and who owes you. And all without the need to run backups, learn software or spend time tied to your desk. However, it’s also a way to set yourself up for …

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